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Where to hunt down the good stuff (coffee) around the world

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It's a New Year, in fact well into the New Year, and you probably noticed (well, we like to think you did), that Rhodes Well Travelled has been on a bit of a holiday. A glorious, long summer holiday while the Frequent Small Flyer, Ella, has been off school. We've been sunning ourselves up in Noosa, languishing in baths overlooking the Sydney skyline at the new Sofitel Sydney, and this week we're off to the new eco lodges at the Big 4 Sunshine South West Rocks (more on that later). Wherever I travel though, coffee is never far from my thoughts. I plan my trips around the stuff (ridiculous, I know).

And speaking of coffee, I've needed it this week. I'm back at the desk, and to get back, I'm on the coffee. Which got me thinking about this video interview I did for Fairfax Media about how to find good coffee around the world, as well as where to find some great cafes in my home town of Newcastle. I'm sure you have your ways and means of searching out good coffee, and I'd love to hear your tips. If you take anything away from this short clip let it be this: talk to the locals. They know. 

Have a fabulous 2018 everyone, and remember, life's too short to drink bad coffee.

Sheriden xx