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Frequent Small Flyer



Welcome to Frequent Small Flyer! FSF is all about grown up travel, with kids. It's travelling in style with your children, as much as that is possible. You won’t find much here about theme parks, zoos and the like. This is more about the kind of travel you want to do as an adult, but with the whole family in tow. Think experiential travel, and amazing destinations and properties that totally get the family market.

It's not about putting the kids into a four-walled kids club (although don’t get us wrong, we love a good kids club), but getting children engaged with their surroundings, learning new things, making new friends and having heaps of fun. I’ve been travelling with my Frequent Small Flyer Ella since she was nine weeks old, and it just gets better and better. So come on over and follow our adventures, and share your journeys too. 

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